Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 16: Ups and Downs was one of those days.  You know...those days.  A day that required more than the 1 cup of coffee that I consumed today that's for sure.  It started off with me leaving Regina early, then staying, then trying to accomplish an image in my head while batteries were failing, all while trying to drive around the city around the time the Rider game was starting.   So it was a day of unpredictability and if there is one thing that makes eating healthy difficult, it is lack of a plan.

I started the day by making a swack load of protein pancakes (throwing blueberries in for a change..they are bit more difficult to stick together with the berries, but still delicious!) to help me get through the drive that I thought I would be taking.

Then Ryan's dad came in from the lake and invited me and Ryan's sister to lunch at a cool little cafe called Fresh N Sweet.   If you are in Regina, make an effort to stop by here as it is super yummy!  They have healthy options, but super sweet and awesome concoctions (like the maple bacon waffles!)  I opted for the salmon panini which is quite good.  Whenever I peruse a menu and I see salmon I think "no...that's lame." But then I ordered it and it was AMAZING!  So fresh, yummy, and healthyish.  (Healthier than the maple bacon waffles :P)

Then the rest of the day I pretty much bopped around town, shopping at Target (got a super cute dress and uber comfy tank tops!), visiting my friend Bobbie and getting some homemade peach butter and jam! Yummy!  She is also trying to cut back on the sugar so tweaked her recipes to make them a bit healthier which is really awesome!  I tried a spoonful of the peach butter and it was DELISH!  Definitely a delicious thing for the fall as it has allspice and cinnamon tastes.  I have yet to taste the jam, but that will be for another day.

I then had a photoshoot in the park and got home around 7ish.  That's when all hell broke loose.  I nibbled on turkey pepperoni again, some cheese bits, I had tiny granola bar thingys, 2 bottles of water, sipped on some pop (what the...?).  Just not a solid meal.  I am pumped to go home tomorrow to have my own groceries and my own kitchen and my boyfriend!!  My plan is to leave pretty early so I can be home by lunchtime! Yay!

Date: September 1, 2013!

Current weight: 242 on Ryan's mummy's scale

Goal for the day: Walk around the park

What is your plan for food today?

B: protein pancakes with blueberries (no pb)

L: smoked salmon, cream cheese, pea shoots, rye bread panini

S: turkey pepperoni and cheese

Su: 1 small protein pancake, turkey pepperoni, 3 oz of cheese, 3 gulps of pop, 3 small weight watcher granola bites

Planned water intake: 108 oz (5 water bottles full)

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