Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 17: Home Sweet (but not too sweet!) Home

I left Regina around 9am this morning and enjoyed the drive home by myself.  I listened to my tunes, sang out loud, had my windows down (yes, I know, not great for fuel efficiency), and enjoyed the sun!  It was a beautiful blue sky today and the wind had a bit of a coolness to it, so it was quite a nice drive.

I have arrived back at my humble abode and am so grateful to have my kitchen back.  Words that I never thought I would say, haha!  I'm sure my mom is shocked if she is reading this.  Anyhow, within the past 6 hours I have made a batch of turkey chili consisting of extra lean ground turkey, chickpeas, black beans, various spices, and a dollop of Bobbie's peach butter!  It smells so good, but I cannot have it until tomorrow.  In addition to that, we went to the market which was open despite the holiday and grabbed some bison burgers, so had those for supper with lettuce and more of Bobbie's peach butter, almost like a chutney.  It was so delicious.  I also whipped up some sweet potato fries using my handy dandy fry cutter and a bit of olive oil and pepper. 

This evening I decided to indulge in my sweet side and create some fabulous "healthy" brownies.  Now, if anyone knows me, you will know that I absolutely hate following recipes to a T.  Making these brownies was no different.  I had found 2 different recipes on Pinterest which were similar but had different parts that I enjoyed. 

So what did I do?  I mixed them together and hoped it would work!  (Now my mom is probably shaking her head saying, Oh, Teri...)  I put MY recipe below and I have tasted them and they are pretty good.  I was out of chocolate chips, so I threw in unsweetened coconut instead.  BUT, as you will notice the only sugar source is the agave syrup and the only chocolate comes from the cocoa powder and they still taste great! 


A great, healthy alternative to my usual triple chocolate brownie deliciousness.  Now, the challenge will be to NOT eat the entire pan in the next 2 days.  Should be...interesting.  
You will definitely want to come back to the blog for tomorrow's post because it is going to be all about being happy!! Who doesn't want (or need!) more of that!  Until then, have a good evening!

Date: September 2, 2013!

Current weight: 241 on Ryan's mummy's scale

Goal for the day: Make it home in one piece :D

What is your plan for food today?

B: 2 small protein pancakes with blueberries (no pb)

L: Tim Hortons Turkey Sandwich with whole wheat bread (felt like crap afterwards)

Su: 2 bison burgers, lettuce, 1 cup of sweet potato fries, tomatoes,

S: 2 small zucchini brownies (I had to test them of course :P)

Planned water intake: 108 oz (5 water bottles full)

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  1. It's actually been proven that window down is equivilent to a/c on while driving at high speeds. Just really boils down to personal preference.

    Glad you are home safe!