Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 32: My Boyfriend's a Prick

...just kidding.  That's what he had to do to me today in order to get my blood glucose levels off the glucometer.  I decided not to put it off because I would have to do it eventually.  So I tried to build up the courage to do it myself, but I couldn't.  Not even close, so I waited until Ryan woke up and after giving him my hand and then taking it away and this back and forth for about 5 minutes, he did it.  The bastard stuck me with a needle.  As much as he said he didn't enjoy it, I'm pretty sure he got a bit of satisfaction out of it.  Basically, I had to take my fasting blood sugar upon waking, eat a carb laden breakfast, wait half an hour and take my blood sugar again.  Then I had to take it each hour after that half hour period for 4 hours.  I literally worked on photos the whole time while waiting for this terror.  So, I'm not too certain what the numbers mean (though I googled them...) so I will have to wait to get my results back from the doc and see what she says! Since I had a few needles leftover after I was done my testing, Ryan decided to get in on the action as well.  I certainly got satisfaction out of pricking him with a needle, even if it was just once.  I was curious to see how much it would go up if I ate, like, pure sugar...but not enough to poke myself in the finger again.

If one thing came out of using this handy dandy little machine, it is the fact that I vow to NEVER let myself get diabetes because I couldn't stand using needles every day.  Ugh...I feel bad for people that have to use this thing...

Anyhow, enough about the glucometer-whosey-watsit.  Another thing I had to start today was my lovely detox tea.  Technically I had a cup last night, but then realized that may or may not have been a bad idea depending on what type of "detox" I could expect.  Luckily, no accidents occurred throughout the evening, so I must not have had a potent enough cup.  My goal is to drink 3 cups of this stuff ever day to get rid of the crap that's feasting on my sugars.  It doesn't taste too bad, it's just incredibly strong tasting.  

As for food today, it was a bit of a wonky day as I fasted pretty much through lunch and into dinner.  So I pretty much "binged" once I was done my last glucose test.  This binge was less crazy and more like a mishmash of a lot of things, not necessarily bad things: nuts, cheese, mini pears, etc.  but it was a lot of stuff in a short time.  Note: Do not normally go more than 2-3 hours without having something to eat or I will eat ALL the things.

Mini pear.  I bought it because, well, its cute!

Unfortunately, today was a pretty pathetic day in terms of exercise and I have absolutely no excuse.  The only type of exercise, maybe, I got was doing a photoshoot with a fellow photographer where I let her shoot me so I had to climb up some walls and do some levitationy type things again which worked my core!  But not intentional exercise.
For supper tonight I whipped up a delicious taco salad and found a random avocado hiding in my fridge, so had half of that as well!  Now, onto the tea!

Date: September 18, 2013!
Current weight: 239.2
Goal for the day:  nothing *hangs head in shame
What is your plan for food today?
Breakfast: protein pancakes with no protein powder
Lunch: not substantial: a mix of things
Snack: almonds
Supper: taco salad
Planned water intake: 108 oz (5 water bottles full)

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