Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 36: Just a Short Post Today

I am fully settled in Regina for the next few days and have prepared the best I could.  I have made sure the make myself very busy to ensure the lack of snacking at Ryan's mummy's house, because she always has a stellar selection of cheeses, baked goods, and awesome bread.  There is so many delicious things here, hahaha.  So far, though, so good.

Yesterday I started off the morning with greek yogurt and coffee and then a few hours later we headed out to Vicky's Cafe for an actual breakfast where I participated in a Mexican breakfast wrap (ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, scrambled eggs,  salsa on a spinach wrap) with hashbrowns.  As far as the menu goes, that was one of the best options I think.

After breakfast, I headed out to deliver a package to one of my wedding clients and then met up with a girl who is going to be modeling for me tomorrow.  During our meeting, I indulged in a green tea at the coffee shop and ignored the delicious baked goods all together (standardly I would have had a bit of a snack I am sure.) 

 For the remainder of the day I shopped until I dropped, picking up things for my shop and getting props and clothing for my next few photoshoots (yay!)  But, I was on my feet for awhile and for the time that I actually had my phone on me, I managed to walk 4199 steps (but did not have my phone ON me, but rather in the cart at both shops so add a bunch more steps!
After shopping, I headed over to Bobbie & Nathan's for board game night and supper.  Bobbie is a fabulous cook who made us turkey dinner with rice and an amazing summer spinach salad with strawberries and walnuts.  Yum yum!!  During board games we snacked on triscuits and homemade vanilla pear jam (amazing!!).  I also drank copious amounts of orange pekoe tea.  

On the way to Regina on Friday I made Ryan stop at Katie's Kookies in Brandon, so I could stock up on a bunch more protein bars.  They are soooo delicious and this time I got coconut, down n dirty, and black forest. They don't even sound like they can be even healthy a little bit.  Yet they are.  So that is what I participated in for breakfast today and I think we are going out for lunch again today, so hopefully there will be good options wherever we go!

Anyhow, I am a little frustrated in the fact that I am steadily maintaining around the 238 to 240 mark, but I keep telling myself that a) it didn't come on overnight and b) you aren't doing this to "get skinny"  Iknow I just have to be diligent and not cave because I am not seeing immediate results.  That's what old Teri would have done.  Why?  Because it's easier.  So, instead, I just need to up the water, watch the cheese, walk more, and be persistent!
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Date: September 22, 2013!
Current weight: 240
Goal for the day: walk a bit, stretch a lot
What is your plan for food today? 
breakfast: Kokonut Crave bar
snack: almonds
lunch: some restaurant
snack: peppers
Supper: whatever Ryan's mummy makes us
Planned water intake: 108 oz (5 water bottles full)

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