Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 19: Old Habits DON'T Die!

Argh.  I'm slightly disappointed in myself.  Since I have been back, I have slipped back into...gasp! eating after dinner (insert sad face.)  But tonight I am conscious of this and haven't snuck a snack yet and plan on being quite diligent.  I had to have a little talk with myself and the following resulted:

Other than that little heart to heart, I am doing quite well! I am back to cooking as you saw yesterday, but today I reheated some chicken and then made a stellar asparagus recipe.  Asparagus is soooo good for you and it tastes delicious!  I was able to grab some skinny asparagus which I like more than the thick stocks because I think it has a better texture.  The recipe is below for you fellow asparagus lovers!

After lunch I headed downtown to grab some prints and then booked it over to Cori's house to hang out and prepare for the market on Saturday. (If you are in Winnipeg, come down to Broadway on Saturday and Sunday for ManyFest! I will have lots of vintage goods :D and Cori will have lots of baking!)  Whilst hanging out at Cori's we took the children to the park so I inadvertently got my walk in and lugging Aiden around I got my weights workout as well!

For dinner Cori cooked some chicken for quesadillas, which were very good.  We had lots of veggies (maybe I snuck a bit of sour cream in there) but I declined dessert and drank about 2 bottles of water instead. 
So yep, I think this evening I shall sip on a lovely green tea whilst I work on photos and enjoy a little youtube playlist!  With that, I shall see you tomorrow! <3

Date: September 5, 2013!

Current weight: 240 (ooookay, maybe my night snacking is an issue....)

Goal for the day: go for a 30 minute walk!

What is your plan for food today?

B: eggs and half a banana

L: chicken and asparagus
S: almonds

Su: 1.5 quesadillas

Planned water intake: 108 oz (5 water bottles full)

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