Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 34: Talking to Myself

If you have been following my blog through the last few posts you will have noticed that there has been a lack of consistence in regards to my eating habits, preparing food, etc.  I have reached the dreaded 4 week slump in regards to changing habits and it is change now, or change never. 
First: The confessions.  I bought a box of Lindor chocolates to put into my wedding packages for my August wedding clients.  Well, if you have never tasted a nectar as sweet as a Lindor chocolate then I feel bad for you, but if you have then you know exactly how difficult it is to say no to that little ball of chocolate.  To that extent, I have eaten a total of 14 chocolates in 3 days.  That is sad.  And bad for my stomach.  And my sugar levels. 

Seeing as I still have 2 weddings to go, I cannot very well get rid of these delicious beauties sitting in my freezer, but I also know that I can no longer consume them.  Therefore, I have devise a plan to make me think before caving.  Here is my plan:

It at least slows me down in my efforts to eat the chocolates haha!  But today's post is less about the chocolate and moreso WHY the chocolate.  Why the lack of preparation, why the lack of groceries, etc.
 It's because I have once again become complacent (I am pretty sure I mentioned this would probably happen in one of the first blog posts)  and this is something that happens to anyone who is attempting to make any sort of change in their life.  It becomes easier just to "not to."  I had to revisit the reasons why making these changes was so incredibly important to me in the first place, because those are the things that we forget about.  We get that feeling once which motivates us to start the change, but then it becomes an afterthought again.  So I thought I would put it into a list.  Why I Should Do It Vs.  Why I Shouldn't Do It and as you can see, its kind of a stupid thing to even compare:

So, now what?  Now that I have organized my thoughts and remember what the hell I am doing this for, it will be easier to get back onto track.  With one hitch.  I am heading to Regina for about 5 days.  But I did it once and I can most certainly do it again!  Protein pancakes, healthy snacks for the car, LOTS of water, plus I have to start my lady hormone test and take my Candidas and detox tea along.  So that's fun.

Yesterday I had ballet class again and it is getting increasingly harder which is another reason why building my strength and flexibility is super important now, so while away I shall walk and stretch as much as possible and then when I get home I will start, sigh, going to the gym for real.  Instead of driving by and looking at it whistfully.  I know I will feel good after going, it's just the GOING.  Just think how sexy I will look during the end of the year recital in my leotard! Boom!

Basically, I need to stop being silly and really just focus on how good I feel when I don't eat crap.  So this is what I shall do! 

Date: September 20, 2013!
Current weight: 239
Goal for the day: walk a bit, stretch a lot
What is your plan for food today? 
breakfast: oatmeal, pb, protein powder
snack: almonds
lunch: stellas
snack: peppers
Supper: whatever Ryan's mummy makes us
Planned water intake: 108 oz (5 water bottles full)


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