Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 8: The Challenge, OH! The Challenge...

So, note: Clear Lake does not a healthy eating community make.  Yesterday I walked all around the community of Clear Lake looking for something that was not breaded, grainy, sweet, or saucy.  No such luck.  Because of the time at night I had to settle for a gluten free Greek pizza with a ton of onions, olives, and feta.  I only had 3 tiny pieces, but it was enough for me to be depressed and sad at the lack of options.

 So, I shouted out to my Facebook friends!

I got some really great feedback so I started today off on a much better foot!  I headed to the market as suggested by Amanda and snatched up some fresh green peppers (they still have a bit of dirt on them!).  There were a lot of other vegetables, but they were of the need-to-cook variety, which I don't have the ability to do in a motel.  In addition to that I saw a sweet campervan which I would love for traveling around in!!

I then meandered over to the Foxtail Cafe for a breakfast of Foxtail frittatta (eggs, bacon, goat cheese, onion), fruit and toast!  And coffee.   Of course coffee.  No wedding day is complete without ample amounts of caffeinated beverages.   As for the toast, I did treat myself to one slice (it was homemade! I couldn't resist! But normally I would have eaten 2 and then grabbed one of off my SO's plate) and some homemade jam!

Maybe it would be easier to eat clean if I had a stove or some sort of cooking apparatus (there was a guy at the market selling bison beef!).  I am finding it difficult to let go of the control of eating at home.  I guess I should get over it, I have a week and a bit left.  As well, tonight I will participate in the wedding dinner which is usually a surprise, but knowing the Manitoba crowd, there will be perogies, meat, potatoes, etc.  I am actually quite excited for the wedding today because it is a couple that I have known for awhile and have photographed forever.  They are both funny, outgoing, and loving people.  They also like to have a good time!  Yay for Nikki & Janz!

Oh! I almost forgot!  Yesterday as I was in Brandon I was trying to figure out what I could buy in the city to bring with me out to the lake and I went to Two Farm Kids, a health food store, but they really didn't have too much unless you would be cooking or baking.  But then I saw a sign for Katy's Kookies, protein cookie bars for buff ladies.  So I pulled a U-y and went into the shop.  She had every variety possible.  These things are a)home baked b)extremely healthy and low in calories and c) frackin delicious.  They were $4 a piece, but I could only eat half of one because of its ironic sweetness, so technically I had double the amount.  I picked up 3 so I would have one for a snack today.

One major change I have noticed in the last week is my ability to wake up early.  Seriously, ask my sister.  She would call at 11 and I would still be sleeping.  Lately, I have been getting up earlier than my alarm (which is set for 9) every day and am not sluggish in the least.  Even if I stay up until 2 am (like last night...).  My body is doing what my body is supposed to do.  Cool.

Date: August 24, 2013 WEDDING DAY!

Current weight: No idea

Goal for the day: 35 minute walk around Clear Lake

What is your plan for food today?

B: Frittatta with 1 toast and fruit

S: Kathy's Cookies

L: Leftover pizza (2 slice)


Su: whatever they will be serving me :D

Planned water intake: 96 oz (4 water bottles full)

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