Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 11: Survival of the Fattest

You see what I did there?  Haha.  Anyhow, I am still kicking it in old Swan River, doing my photoshoots every second that I can, but I also maybe I should explain exactly what the farm means and why it is such a challenge.

Like anyone who goes away for vacation and uses that time as their free for all, I binge my face off at the farm.  For some reason the act of being here, playing outside, hanging out in the river makes me want to eat constantly, eat chips (I don't even like chips!!), drink beer (I NEVER drink beer...it makes me bloat like crazy), and consume large quantities of coffee in lieu of water.  It is the weirdest thing ever.  But considering I come here quite frequently in the summer for photoshoots, I really need to lock this down!

(for the record, I didn't drink any of these..)

Thankfully, I have a friend on Facebook name Chantelle (I haven't met her in real life yet...) but she is a fellow photographer and also a fitness maniac, so she has been sending me some stellar recipes and I had the best intentions of making these protein pancakes that she sent me the recipe for but the internet went down this morning due to the lovely thunderstorm.  Anyhow, hopefully tomorrow will be the day when I can make up a batch of these sweet beauties to take with me when I head to Regina on Thursday.

As for eating yesterday I did have to go to a photoshoot that was about 40 minutes away, so I had to grab something quick from Tim Hortons.  I grabbed their chicken snack wraps (2) and chowed down on those, but felt quite yucky afterwards, so I don't think I will be ordering those again.  Once I got back from my photoshoot I was able to head to Extra Foods and stock up on some good stuff: Greek yogurt, blueberries, small packs of protein powder (not the best kind, but the best kind in Swan River), quick oats, egg whites, etc.  So I felt a bit better.

Other than supper, the rest of the day was pretty good, I ate my rice crackers with natural peanut butter and added a banana to them to make it different.  Aubree liked it so I mushed up some for her in a little bowl and we ate it together:

Today I started the morning off with yogurt and blueberries with the quick oats.  Nummy (but I would have rather had the pancakes) and for lunch I took my brother out to a local restaurant and had a cranberry, chicken cream cheese wrap with sweet potato fries (homemade).  It was pretty delicious and the chicken was actual chicken breast, not the deli kind.  So yay for that!  Also, the wrap was loaded with tons of veggies: lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, etc.  Top that off with a bottle of water and I am set for the rest of the day until dinner.  I have to head out to another photoshoot at 5:00 and then get to shoot my brother and his wife (sounds funny, right??) after that, so it will be a busy evening!

Exercise wise, I get to play with Ms. Aubree.  And if you have never played for an hour with a 1.5 year old, then you won't understand the amount of energy that needs to be expended.

Well, I have to head off to my photo shoot now, so I shall see you all tomorrow!

Date: August 27, 2013!

Current weight: No idea

Goal for the day: Another walk down the river, plus the photoshoots this evening

What is your plan for food today?

B: greek yogurt with blueberries and a smidge of protein powder

S: 1 rice cake with pb/banana

L: whole wheat wrap with chicken, cream cheese, veggies and sweet potato fries


Su: not sure yet

Planned water intake: 108 oz (5 water bottles full)

How do I feel: I keep getting up earlier and earlier which is both awesome and annoying.  I like that I have more time in my day, but I hate having to put pants on sooner...

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