Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 6: Discouragement Encouragement

I know Rome wasn't built in a day, it didn't take me 6 days to put it on, patience is a virtue, everything worth doing should take time, yadayadayada...but yesterday I was so extremely diligent.  I ate properly throughout the day, but more importantly I offered to help my sister package up her goodies for the market and make cookies which is like sending me into the lion's den (self sabotage anyone?)  BUT I did it!  I never at a single sugary confection.  I had it on my hands, I smelled chocolate mint patties everywhere, I had chocolate on my fingers, but I never even licked it off.  I calmly asked Cori to make me some tea to keep my mind busy while we got things together for her market.  I DID IT!!!!!  I even surpassed the licorice, candy sushi, and Skittles!!  I was so excited!!

So when I woke up this morning I was stoked that I had been so freaking good yesterday and then hopped on the scale was the same.  WTF?  So I racked my brain, what did I do wrong? where did I go wrong? did I drink all my water?  Then I verbally slapped myself in the face and said
"Get it together.  You are only eating clean and you are on day 6!  DAY 6! Not even a week! Plus (WARNING TMI) you have your TOM, you're chowing down advil like its no tomorrow and you feel like someone ninja punched your uterus 1000 times.  Relax." 

So, here I am, venting about that frustration of not seeing the results following the actions, but then again, I know anything goes for this week of my life as far as what my body decides to do and not to do.  Instead, I am trying to focus on the next 2 weeks ahead of me as the control I have here at home will be brought down to almost 0.  I am heading on a big road trip by myself to Brandon, Clear Lake, Swan River, and then Regina.  I will be camping in a tent, driving a lot, photographing a wedding, staying with my brother's family, staying with my boyfriend's family, photographing all the things, and more driving.  This means: convenient food, learning to prep for a road trip, taking a cooler, an ice pack, 2 bottles of water, eating restaurant food IN the restaurant, buying groceries and cooking my meals, having an open dialogue with my family and friends, etc. It will be extremely different than my: large black coffee and breakfast sandwich.  Oh.  And can you throw in an extra hashbrown, mmmkay thanks.

 I am prepared to do this and document every step.  The bad/good thing is that I can't weight myself for the next few days until I arrive at my bro's home but even then, we all know that different scales might be set differently bla bla bla.  So I think I may just weight myself once there and once at my boyfriend's house, but mostly just be conscious of the number when I get home.

In addition to all that fun stuff coming up, I did something I have never done before!  I got my hair professionally colored (by the always amazing Les Kiesman at Edward Carriere Salon).  It.  Looks.  Amazing.  Between feeling amazing for saying no to bad things, feeling more energized, etc.  I now LOOK better!  I absolutely love it and couldn't be happier.  I even contemplated calling my makeup artist Karen to come do my makeup because my face didn't match my sexy hair.

OOH! I also faced my fear of the barbecue (I am afraid of them ever since my sister singed her eyebrows off when she tried to start ours on the farm).  And omg, not to brag, but I seriously made an amazing meal yesterday.  We had grilled bison burgers with grilled vegetables for lunch.  The bison meat plus the grilled peppers was so good I didn't need any sauce, I didn't even want a bun!! Definitely if you get a chance MAKE THESE!!

So yah, I was a little disappointed in not seeing the scale move today, but alas mother nature needs to take its course and I need to stay focused on mine.  At some point our courses will merge and all will be well with the world.

Date: August 22, 2013

Current weight: 242 lbs

How are you feeling?  At the moment, like death, but not because of this.  Because I am a woman.
I felt a bit discouraged at my lack of loss today, but then quickly kicked myself in the ass and am back to realizing how silly I was being.

Goal for the day: 25 minute walks and attempt setting up a tent :P

What is your plan for food today?

B: apple, carrot, beet, ginger juice
    yogurt with honey and berries

S: handful of nuts

L: egg salad

S: blueberries and various fruit from the fruit truck

Su: Salmon and rice

Planned water intake: 96 oz (4 water bottles full)

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