Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 12: Pancakes A Plenty

Today I woke up to the most amazing fog ever!! It was so beautiful, so before anything else I rushed outside to grab some sweet photos and then came back in to whip up some stellar protein pancakes as suggested by Chantelle (see previous blog entry).

Anyhow, she okayed me giving out the recipe and it is definitely worth a try!  Not only are these beauties absolutely delicious, but they are also incredibly filling!!  Top it off with some natural pb and you have yourself the most delicious thing EVER!  Seriously, make these amazing things and enjoy yourself because they are packed with protein and high in fiber (thanks oatmeal!)

(I used a non-teflon pan and so, the tops and bottoms stuck to it :( but it was delicious nonetheless...afterwards I switched to a teflon pan and had pancake looking pancakes)

I should also mention that I am uber surprised at my brother.  Last night for supper he ensured that my burger had no sauce on and we had healthy yam fries!  Nummy!

Also, I made blueberry crisp last night!  Yay for me!!  While this has a bit of sugar and flour (I used Ryan & Amy's milled organic flour) it also has oatmeal and fresh fruit.  I had a bit and left the rest for my brother (he was complaining about wanting apple crisp the night before.)

As well, my photoshoot yesterday was at a house at the end of our road so I made sure to walk there (about 1/4 mile) and back as well I was chasing after their kids for a good hour.  As well, Aubree and I went swimming in the river yesterday.  Not hard exercise, but I was outside and I was enjoying the fresh air and this blazing heat.

So yes, I am spending a fair bit of time outside which is great and have started a new photo project which has me climbing into the bush, running back and forth from the tripod, and jumping a lot, so that should help!! I am most excited though, as ballet starts in about 2 weeks!!!! YAY!!

Date: August 28, 2013!

Current weight: No idea

Goal for the day: Another walk down the river, plus the photoshoots this evening, jumping in the bush

What is your plan for food today?

B: protein packed pancakes!!

S: half a banana

L: left over burger

S:another pancake with peanut butter :D

Su: not sure yet

Planned water intake: 108 oz (5 water bottles full)

How do I feel: Good!  My energy is ridiculous!  No need for afternoon naps!  I am able to keep up with Aubree!! 

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