Thursday, January 23, 2014


I recognize that I have not been posting as frequently and it is definitely having an impact on how I run my days.  If you are a frequent follower of Facebook, you may have seen my statuses in the last 3 days about my difficulty in getting my ass to the gym.  I still went, mind you, but it was just so difficult to get out of the house and I blame my traveling (and this frigid chill outside) for that.  I know I am not alone in this either.  It is probably at this time, that a lot of you that set your New Years Resolution to get your ass to the gym are starting to waver slightly, making excuses, "forgetting" things, etc.  NOW, is the time that if you dig your heels in and don't listen to those little naggers in your brain, you will become quite successful. 

Whether you are dieting, exercising, both (hopefully!) or attempting something new, I hope you make it over the hump and into the land of habits!  Once you are here everything is beautiful and natural.  There is no room for excuses, because your workout is just as scheduled as your work, preparing your food for the week is a normal course of action, and you get excited about the prospect of creating something new.

The other day I posted a status on Facebook that said:

"I'm sitting here at my desk wearing my workout gear and looking at health on Pinterest....this counts right? just kidding...I'm leaving .....soon"

 Prior to leaving on my vacation, I would not allow myself on the computer until I had come back form the gym because of the time suck that can occur on sites like Pinterest and Facebook.  And while, I try to tell myself I am just getting motivated, it's all a lie.  I simply enjoy exercising my eyes better because it is easier to look at beautiful things.

In other news, I have been wanting to write a post on the stereotypes at the gym because it is quite ridiculous the "types" of people that show up.  Seriously, if you are in need of some character study, head to your nearest workout facility because you will see all types.  

When I proposed this genius idea to my boyfriend he showed me this video from Dude Perfect and it could not have been more spot on.  In fact, yesterday was my leg's day and I had the pleasure of sharing it with The Screamer,  The Mirror Magnet, The Sweaty Guy, and The Hunter was all the same person.  In addition to all of those (watch the video to see what they are about), he was also the Drop The Weights in an Effort to Show People How Heavy You Are Lifting Guy.  Every rep is followed by a bang loud enough to break your ear drums.  Anyhow, watch this video.  If anything, it may get you excited to venture to the gym to watch for your own local stereotypes!  If you are any of the people in this video....stop it.

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