Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'm MELTing

So, I am back from the farm and while yesterday was a slightly bloaty day I am kind of back on track.  Do I dare tell you what I ate?  Oh man.  Let's just say there were a few chicken nuggets on the drive, a lot of coffee, a copious amount of gummies, chippies, and cinnamon buns with bacon on the inside (made by me.)  They were quite delicious, but oh so heart attacky.

For my motivation I have booked myself 2 photosessions (1 boudoir!) as well we have ordered our costumes for the ballet recital so I feel that I need to get my shit together.  I just feel less strong since I haven't gone to the gym this month, but good news, March is just around the corner and I will be ready to jump back into it.  As well, I have been attending my pilates classes with Annabel and I started a workshop class which goes for 2 classes a week for 4 weeks and it is about health and eating well, so I am excited to learn more from that.

I had the pleasure of learning that MELT method, which at first glance, seemed a little silly with the balls and rollers and what not....but then I had my first class. (See how I doubt things quite easily....but at least I give it a shot!)  Annabel and I worked on my hands and feet with these little balls and they focus on specific points (similar to, but not the same, as reflexology).  The difference between MELT and reflexology (and one of its biggest pros) is that you are the one that does the work as opposed to having the work done to you.  You have to talk to your body, listen to the pain or the lack of pain, etc.  I think this is one of the biggest things that pilates teaches us.  We truly need to listen to and accept the feelings that we get when working on our bodies.  More often then not, when we experience pain we prefer to dull it and "make it go away" but what we forget is that pain is our bodies way of communicating with us that something is not quite right.  The other thing that MELT does for us is heals our connective tissue, which over time can become brittle and taught as a result of us not working it.  When this happens, our body creates scar tissue to fill in the rips of the connective tissue and this is partly what causes the pain in our bodies.  Best part is, once you learn the basics, you can do it at home if you are not a fan of going to a studio.

Aside form that, I have had the chance to preview my new cookbooks and today is grocery shopping day.  The Nom Nom Paleo book is quite awesome and I have also stumbled across their Facebook page which is motivating to see if come up in my news feed.  I kind of used one of the recipes last night, but instead of duck I used chicken.  It was quite delicious and easy to make!

Tonight I will be making elk chili!  That's right, Elk Chili!  Kind of funny since I contemplated going vegetarian, but I feel that if I make the conscious decision to buy local meat then I can be sure it is not mass produced and therefore the animal is less likely to have sustained a horrifying life or death.  Note, I say less likely.  This is a very hot topic and this is just my opinion.  I am not trying to convince people one way or the other.  I just want to limit the amount of environmental impact and poor conditions for animals.  It may be more expensive and not as convenient.
Anyhow, I am off for the day, but here are some lovely images of the cows on the farm in Bowsman.

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