Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Just Trying to Get Organized

I am writing this blog post to keep my mind centered more than anything.  I have this amazing ability to jump from one thing to another and lately the chaos has been increasing.  Why? I don't know, but I do know that it is impeding my ability to focus on healthy eating and activity. 

I have been staying up late working on the computer, sleeping in and therefore eating at odd times.  I start my day with coffee instead of water, not for the caffeine fix, but because of the habit. I have been eating Ryvita toast with light cream cheese and tomatoes, until today, when I forgoed the tomatoes and used unsweetend coconut and a few dark chocolate chips.  More delicious than one would think, fyi. 

Ryan and I went out for sushi on Saturday night where I downed 2 lychee martinis (hello, sugar!) and shared a few rolls of sushi with Ryan, following up with a cake like dessert.  While we were celebrating Valentine's Day, that does not mean I should go absolutely crazy.  But alas, I did.
I have also been in the studio continuously for the last few days and therefore have been eating sporadically.  I need to prepare things and get it together.  Last night, Steph, Phil and I went out for supper after their engagement session and I had fries with my chicken parmigiana. FRIES!  I don't even like fries on a good day....what the heck??  

I think I have also been plagued by stress of the financial variety.  Winters are a difficult time for photographers and while I have been trying to do as much as possible, it appears I am working harder instead of smarter, so I need to get that in check.  Stress is the enemy of most people, but for myself, it is quite worse because my body immediately stops burning fat because of the cortisol.  Damn. 
In order to organize my life and start making things priorities, I make lists.  Making lists is equivalent to my breaking point.  But it feels so satisfying when I check things off the list!

Then my tablet starting screwing up on me and I will have to restart the computer to get it fixed before working on more images, but in order to  restart the computer I will have to wait 2-3 hours for all the updates to take effect.  So, I will finish up my blog posts, create my mood board then reset the computer and clean whilst the computer is doing it's "thing."  
See, just by me writing this blog post, I have already organized my day a bit better.  Sometimes its good just to write stuff down. 
With that, I am off for the day!

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