Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Sweetest Cake Ever

This past weekend was the celebration of my best friend, Stephanie turning 30!  Now, I am not alone.  Phew.  So yesterday, her and her fiancee, Phil popped over for supper and I had wanted to make her a delicious cake, but Stephanie is gluten free.  I remembered seeing a cooking show on TV talking about baking with vegetables, so I looked for those alternative types of cakes online.

I came across this delightful recipe for Chocolate Sweet Potato Cake.  To be fair, Betty Bake is one of the best food blogs that I have come across.  Lots of beautiful pictures and easy, healthy recipes!  I was just saying yesterday that I will not buy a recipe book unless there are pictures for every meal.  (Speaking of, I purchased 2 new recipe books which I will talk about later!)  Anyhow, back to the cake! The recipe is quite vague on a few things, #1 being "gluten free flour" as there are a number of different types of gluten free flour, and I chose to go with tapioca flour for this cake as it looked the most like traditional flour.  Also, it takes a lot longer to bake a sweet potato than one would think and because I started this little project at 1am, I decided to boil the potato instead and it softened a lot quicker.  Overall though, the cake was not horrendous.  I also kept it in the fridge before serving it, which in hindsight, I think I would now take out about 20 minutes prior.

So for supper last night, we enjoyed some delicious organic bison burgers, sweet potato fries, and delicious gluten free chocolate cake.  Oh!  I forgot to mention, I chose to go with a delicious banana coconut cream cheese icing with sprinkles.  I am not sure where I got the recipe from though.

Now, for the recipe books which I purchased came from Costco and are quite fun I think.

I am not going paleo, but there were delicious healthy recipes ALL with pictures.  For someone who writes, I hate seeing a lot's just the way my brain works, I think.  Once I start making recipes from these I will post them for you guys to try as well!
On that note, I have to go do some work before pilates! But I am off to the farm this weekend for my little Aubree's 2nd birthday party! So I may not write too much whilst I am gone!  Please pray for good driving conditions for me haha!

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  1. Everything was so goooood! Thanks for spoiling Phil and I with good food and even better company!!!