Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Holy February

Happy February everyone!  I am a bit delayed in my greeting, but mostly due to the fact that I shot a wedding, suffered the photographer's "wedding hangover" (not alcohol induced, just busy induced), and spent a day editing photos yesterday!  Here I am, though, alive and unscathed!

Today's post is to get me back in gear, because you will have noticed from a lot of recent posts I have been slipping more and more and this is extremely common in any effort to change a lifestyle.  I have picked up the busyness again, which is what always gets me into trouble and I fear that is the problem.  In addition to that, this month I cannot attend the gym because of some paperwork that was forgotten.  I COULD pay $15/day but that's slightly disgusting and don't feel it's necessary.  But we shall see.....perhaps I will get stir crazy.  Or maybe it will push me to get out and try some new activities like I said I would (but haven't yet.)  In fact, I just registered to take a gyrotonics class at Pilates Manitoba to see what it is all about.  I had driven by it a few times on Academy and was extremely interested....now I find out they offer a barre class similar to that one I took in Seattle!

So now, that I have kind of redeemed my bad behavior I shall follow up with one of the most delicious (but probably unhealthy) suppers I have ever made.  Yesterday I made a delicious dinner for Ryan and myself as he had the afternoon and evening off for once.  I made bacon wrapped scallops, Greek foccaccia(?) bread, caesar salad, and asparagus with walnuts and goat cheese.  Now, I know there are ways to make this exceptionally healthier (turkey bacon, no bread, garden salad, and no goat cheese) however, I wanted to give Ryan and myself a treat!  If you love seafood, then this recipe is for you:

10-15 large scallops
5-7 pieces of bacon (turkey bacon if you are being healthy)
3 tbsp of butter
some garlic salt

Preheat oven to 350
Lay out the strips of bacon and then cut them in half.  Roll each scallop in 1 piece of bacon and set on their ends on a pan.  (If you use turkey bacon, you probably need a toothpick because it isn't as sticky as regular bacon)  Toss into the oven for about 20-25 minutes or until they are slightly crispy.
Melt the butter and the garlic salt in a frying pan.  Take the bacon wrapped scallops out of the oven and roll them around in the melted butter/garlic until they are browned and SUPER crispy (or as crispy as you like them) 

So, yes, that was my delightful dinner last night and while it was amazingly delicious, I also knew the amount of butter/meat was entering my system and experienced less amazing symptoms last night afterwards.  But good news, I refused to make dessert!

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