Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Universe is a Crazy Place

So, I am a huge believer in what you put out to the universe is what you are going to get back.  Like the sick thing...if you keep telling yourself you are sick, you will be sick.  If you tell yourself that you are healthy and appreciate everything your body is doing, chances are you will get sooner because your body will believe what you are telling it.  Regardless of whether or not you believe and call everything "coincidence" or what not, that's fine.  This is my story.

Anyhow, so I mentioned before that I set up an appointment with Pilates Manitoba to see what they are all about.  After all, everything I know about pilates I learned at the end of my yoga DVDs while I was in university:

So, needless to say I was in for a bit of a wake up call.  I got the grand tour of the place (but neglected to take pictures, sorry for that!) and it is amazing!  There are machines, mats, exercise balls, TRX bands, etc. its awesome.  In addition to that there are amazing women who work there and they offer a variety of classes (small classes!) that cater to every need: injured, plus size, hard core, etc.  It's pretty cool.  Anyhow, my consultation was to be half an hour, and 3 hours later I left the building (because a class was starting) with a new friendship, business partnership with Annabel, and the opportunity to not only attend the classes, but possibly become an instructor if I like it!  The classes are not just about the fitness aspect, but also the empowerment side which I can definitely get behind.  Yay!  So, I have my first class on Tuesday and of course, will let you know how it goes!!  
Why I say the universe is a crazy place is because I have been a little bit concerned about my financial situation and don't want to give up "living the dream" as I currently am and I realize that winter is always a slow time for me, however, this is my first year with no supplemental income, so it's been....neat.  Then this opportunity comes along!!  I still get to do what I love, get to attend a workout regime for trade (love the barter system!), and get to empower women with fitness AND with photography.  Amazing.  If you haven' The Alchemist.  It will change your life.  It's about finding your true calling and going against social norms, but also the struggles that come with it.  It's great and if you are in a place of confusion, give it a read!

"If you believe you deserve it, the Universe will serve it"

In other news, I have been eating relatively well, cooking all of my meals (aside from 1 meal at Cora's last week and lunch at Stella's yesterday).  I also have been watching a lot of documentaries again, which is good and bad.  I watched Vegucated on Netflix:

Vegucated (2010) Poster 

 It was a very eye opening documentary about the processing of meat and the effects on the poor animals and the environment.  I don't want to say I didn't realize it was that bad, but rather, I think I was ignorant to the fact because I love to eat chicken.  I have to say, though, after watching that I am leaning more towards a vegetarian diet.  That being said, there were a few things in the documentary that I was not a fan of.  Such as referring the challengers to the grocery aisle and advising them that they can have Oreos, frosting, and pancake mixes because they are vegan.  Well, I still wouldn't eat that shit.  Also, they ate a TON of soy product and with soy being one of the highest GMO commodities in the world, I would rather stay further away from that side of things as possible.  Needless to say, I have some research to do before I give up meat all together, but just seeing what the poor animals go through literally broke my heart.  Even the "organic" food wasn't fantastic....yes, they feed the animals better food, but it does not apply to their treatment.  So while the organic food is better for humans, the treatment of the animals isn't necessarily the greatest.  Now, with the increase in organic demand, I believe that it will continue to get worse as the big companies start to "mass produce" organic meat.  Just my thoughts.
That being said, last night Ryan and I entertained and cooked up some yummy bison burgers from the local market here in Winnipeg.  If its the last meat I eat, then it was a gooder hahaha!

I did however, make an amazingly yummy and relatively healthy dessert that I found on Pinterest.  It is Roasted Cinnamon Pineapple (and Peaches).  The recipe is below for you.  So easy and yummy:

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