Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Little Less Pop and Lock

I just want to start of by giving a big thank you to everyone who read, shared, and responded to last night's post.  I definitely appreciate the support and it motivates me to learn more about PCOS so that I can hopefully educate other women about it.

Anywho, I wanted to take today to tell you about my visit to....the chiropractor!!  Yes, that is correct!  I have this weird issue with my right shoulder (I mentioned it before I think) and I have been experiencing lack of mobility and even though I felt great after my massage, I wanted to see if there was something else that could assist in providing me some relief.  My mom told me about this place called Performance Chiropractic in the south end and advised me that they are more about holistic healing and really cool techniques, so I decided to give it a shot!

During my appointment she asked what was wrong with my shoulder and so I advised her on the issue and then she took this little gun type thing and started pressing it into my shoulder, back, neck, etc.

Essentially it bops all the bits back into place, I am guessing and it is pain free, but extremely powerful!  It is called the Koren Specific Technique.  The best part, is the fact that there is no cracking, popping, or twisting and instead you sit there and let her bop you with the little machine.  She also checks the alignment of the skull, the base of the neck and the rest of the body and then works her magic!  When I first got there, to show the limited movement I tried to do a full arm circle and could not.  At the end of the appointment, I could not only do full arm circles, but there was no pain...AT ALL!  The unfortunate thing is that it is not something that heals it forever and until the right muscles and joints are working together efficiently (through stretches and exercises that she taught me) I will have to continue to go as long as I want.

So, yes, I am on the road to recovery in regards to my right side!  I also have been getting my massages and last time I fell asleep it felt so good :D  I love back rubs and back scratches, so I think I may have found a new addiction!

 I also purchased one of the exercise balls from Pilates Manitoba so I could do some of the work at home...I found that when I was doing the floor exercises my core was much stronger and my lady problems were not as severe.  Plus, it is fun to throw around the house!
Lastly, tomorrow I am going to be participating in a majorly fun activity and I will write all about it (hopefully!) tomorrow!  I am so excited!!  Enjoy your weekend!

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