Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Attention Ladies!!

Omigoodness!!  I totally have to share some awesome stuff with you!  Since I am doing a boudoir session in June, I have gone a bit crazy as far as acquiring outfits for the shoot goes.  The hard part is that I am a plus size lady and not in the super lovely curvy way....more like a ruler with the odd bulge here and there, so finding lingerie that A)fits and B)is flattering has always been a struggle.  Then I found Yandy.com and my life has been forever changed!! Not only do they have a massive selection of beautiful lingerie, but it is relatively inexpensive and they have everything from the very sweet to the extremely erotic (if that's your thing). 

But seriously, for plus size ladies this is a gold mine!!  I literally spent a few hours just going through all the things and narrowing it down to a few outfits!!  I am so excited about how these garments made me feel and I think it is important for ladies to do that for themselves from time to time.  It will be even more awesome when I have my boudoir session (though I am slightly nervous...most of you know that I love to show off my Grumpy Cat face when a camera is on me).  I have posted a few phone pics of me in 2 of the outfits so you can see the fit of them, so if you have an aversion to bigger ladies in skimpy clothing, close your browser.  The first one is a bodysuit (SO comfortable) and the second one is a negligee and panty set.  Seriously, check out their site!!  You also get stickers and I was impressed with the time frame of delivery!

Anywho, I just wanted to share that with you, because if you are a plus size gal like me who likes to look sexy but not pay hundreds of $$, then this is the place to go.  I will certainly order from them again!! YAY!

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