Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Accept My Fate...

....I pretty much ate non-stop today.  Why, you ask?  Well, to be perfectly honest it is because the devil is apparently housed in my uterus and this makes my brain think I am continuously hungry for ALL the things.  While I didn't eat anything horrendous....I just ate continuously.  I ate rice cakes with organic pb and bananas...at MIDNIGHT!! Ugh.  Peanut butter makes me feel gross so I shall accept whatever fate awaits me tomorrow morning. sigh. 

That being said, I started off the day quite well with a pre-made breakfast.  It's a recipe you have probably seen kicking around Pinterest and Facebook and I finally got around to making it!  Essentially you mix together oatmeal, chia seeds, raspberries, banana, greek yogurt, a smidge of honey (or maple syrup) let it sit overnight in a container and by morning you breakfast will be ready to go!  I believe for exact measurements you can search no-cook refrigerator oatmeal and there are a number of ways to create this delicacy!  Give it a go, you will not be disappointed.

In other news, I am so incredibly happy that it is getting warmer!! For 2 days I have been able to venture outside with a hoodie on!!!  No jacket required!!  Last night, Ryan and I went for a walk after dinner and it was quite lovely (but got chilly on the way home!)  It was nice to breathe fresh air, spend some time laughing and chatting together, and just getting refreshed.  Today, however, I wore sweatpants, did some photoshoots in my basement and worked on photos.  Didn't really feel like moving too much.

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