Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Blog Post Full of Small Rants (with a bit of swearing)

Do you ever have those days where you accumulate all of your thoughts and just have a lot of negativity hanging around taking up space?  Well, I do and normally I would write in a journal, but this is essentially my journal.  Here are things that I have been feeling anger/frustration/sadness towards lately.  The purpose of this post is not to make you feel negative or sad, but for me to have a vent session.  Plus there are some positive things at the end!!

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Rant #1:  Health Food Stores Vs. Grocery Stores

Does anyone else find it interesting that we have grocery stores and then we have health food stores?  I was thinking about this the other day when I went into Superstore and then in my mind said "Oh! I need to get such and such at the health food store" and realized that those grocery stores and health food stores are 2 different things.  That is also alarming because most people buy ALL of their groceries at the Superstores, Safeways, Costcos, etc. and yes, I know they have an "organic" section and what not, but it really only recently became this way.

Rant #2: The Inability of the Government to Put People Before $$

After watching numerous documentaries I am extremely pissed off with the government and the difficulty that local producers/farmers/bakers have in preparing food for local people and even just their families.  They say it's for the safety of the community, but I am sorry, I find that to be a massive amount of bullshit.  Small local businesses go through a lot more inspection, red tape, and harassment from the provincial and federal government than the franchised, big name corporation restaurants and its horrific.  If they truly had the community's interest at heart, they would not allow so many preservatives, chemical laden "food" items, etc. that come through the corporate restaurants, but instead they are picking on the little guy.  Personally, I would much rather "take my chances" with eating a burger made from local bison meat with local produce on a homemade bun, than I would grabbing a "hamburger" from a fast food chain store.  I just want there to be consistency...meaning if local restaurants/farmers/producers are subject to daily healthy inspections so should EVERY restaurant, including the franchises.Anyhow, I plan to work with local advocacy groups to make the laws easier for local producers....our voices need to be heard.  If you want to know what documentaries I watched, just shoot me an email or check back a few blog posts.

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Rant #3: Haters

I hate how people hate on people for being healthy or achieving a goal.  I understand that a lot of it has to do with a person's insecurity about themselves, but it absolutely angers me.  If a person feels their priority is to get healthy, that's their choice.  You don't know their story, you don't know what they are dealing with, etc.  Stop hating it and let them be pleased with their accomplishments.  And before you complain that "all I ever see is their fitness photos in my news feed...", please take a look at the numerous baby/dog/cat/selfie photos that probably fill your own Facebook wall.  And if your life is fabulous and you don't post excessively on Facebook, you aren't on it enough for people's accomplishments to matter.  The golden rule, if you can't say anything nice about someone...shut the hell up.

I think that is good for now.  I don't want this to be a completely negative post, but those are a few things that really tick me off and I just had to vent.  Now, I shall enjoy some yummy tea now that I have removed these negative thoughts.  On a positive note, tonight I create the best Fa-MEAT-a EVER!!  I roasted the peppers in the oven, plucked some fresh organic cilantro, put some salsa on the wrap and topped 'er off with good ol' ground turkey in cumin.  Yum, yum, yum. 

 Ooh also!  There is another documentary set to come out about the addictive properties of sugar....I cannot wait to watch it (then you can probably expect another rant post :P).  Here's the teaser:


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