Thursday, March 27, 2014

Oh, Man....

So, if you haven't noticed the blog has taken a bit of a backseat and it seems since the New Year, I really haven't been so great at staying on track and it really sucks.  This is one of the reasons why I haven't written because it is hard to face the fact that I have let my diligence towards my health slip in lieu of myself wanting to stay busy with photography, hating the weather, and just pure laziness.  While I still attended my pilates class, this week I didn't have any and made any excuse possible not to go and therefore have not attended....YET!  Tomorrow and Saturday I am set to try out some new Pilates classes, one called Jump and the other is just a mat workout, similar to what I was doing every Monday/Wednesday for the last few weeks.  At least I am doing it.

Let's talk about my biggest weakness: Food.  I know for most people this is where the lack of diligence comes in.  I have been feeling sick, acidic, and just overly blechy (yes, this is a new word :D).  I have a thousand excuses, but that's all they are.  At the end of the day, it just wasn't important enough.  Until now.  I pulled a muscle in my back today and that was not necessary.  In addition to that, I have a ballet recital coming up and I literally need to get into shape because there is a part that I volunteered to do and I want to make my instructor proud of me!!  Drinking green tea in lieu of coffee, drinking lots of water, eating clean foods, and just....doing it.

I am not going to write a big long blog post today, I just had to write A blog post to get me back to being focused on getting back at it.  Tomorrow I will start creating a schedule for myself (I love lists).  I will not edit continually from morning until night.  I will go to Pilates.  I will go outside.  I will clean at least 1 room of my house.  I will finish 1 client's images.  I will write a photography blog post.  Lastly, I will attend an inspirational/motivational meeting at my Mum's house tomorrow night
(yes, I will socialize with other human type beings).  So, look forward to more blog posts coming up to keep me accountable!

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