Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ermagerd....Berst Snerck Erver

Thanks to a friend ( currently Facebook only, but fellow Winnipeg photographer so we shall meet at some point I am certain!), I have been introduced to probably the most amazing snack bar EVER!!  Best part is, they are made locally (literally down the street from me!), all natural, and friggin' fabulous.  I seriously just picked up a few samples from Cheryl's home and ate one as soon as I got in the car.  I kid you not, I literally went to Heaven.  I even said, out loud, in the car, by myself "Oooooh. My. God......These are amah-zing."  Today I tried the choco-espresso one and it was so good.  It was moist, tasty (like a brownie) and all natural!!

I truly wanted to eat them all to taste them all today, but decided that it would negate the purpose of having them as a snack.  Instead, I am so excited to get up tomorrow so I can try a new flavor!  Serious, though, you need to check out Cranked Energy and give Cheryl some love!! Besides her pictures are massive motivation to keep "on track" which is a nice bonus to following her page!  Also, if you are not in Winnipeg but want to give these beauties a go, she ships them all over Canada!  You can check out her website for more info on that stuff :D  Seriously, screw the processed bars you see in the shops and get the real thing to help get your energy levels up and keep you fully satisfied!!

Another fantastic delight that I have been treating myself to, to help get rid of my sweet tooth, is the delicious Mint Chocolate Rooibos tea from David's Tea.  I am an avid fan of green tea, but lately have been desiring something a bit different.  For Christmas I received a pack of green tea samples (one tastes like cinnamon heart candies!!) as well as a "Passport" teas (essentially teas that reflect various countries.)  The mint chocolate is delightful to smell, but even more yummy to drink!  

I have been slightly better since I wrote the last blog post...except for last night.  We had a get together at my mom's house and there were TONS of appetizers...little did I know, my sister went a smidge crazy with the cream cheese and it was in everything: cheese ball, veggie dip, etc.  So last night was a slightly uncomfortable evening once the cheese got lodged in my intestinal tract (beautiful image, right?)  Then I woke up and felt like I was hungover, so I drank copious amounts of water with lemon to help cure myself!
I have also gone to pilates 2 days in a row now and they were awesome!! I am trying out new activities there and yesterday was Jump Board, which is essentially jumping on a trampoline, horizontally.  Sounds crazy, but it is hard, but delightful as well!  Today's Pilates activity included mat work which was quite difficult (considering how I was feeling) but I felt 1000 X better afterwards.
love how the jump board turns a pilates class into an awesome cardio workout
So, since my last blog post I have been a bit more diligent in my efforts and I hope to stay motivated and get those habits back!  In the meantime, I found a quote that sums me up quite perfectly:
My life

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