Thursday, March 13, 2014

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So a week has gone by since the last time I posted so that means 1 of 2 things...I have been very bad, or I have been very busy.  Or perhaps a combination of the 2, haha!  Just kidding, I haven't been too horrid these past few days, in fact I have been watching my food intake with a fun little app on my fun that I was alerted to via my sister's hubby.  It's called My Diet Diary and you simply enter what you are eating throughout the day, your water consumption, your goals and then your exercise for the day and it will let you know the approximate amount of calories you should be consuming to achieve your goals.  And yes, I have said it before, calories are not the end all to be all...but I know enough to know that if I eat up my calories by having a delicious piece of super chocolate cake, then I won't be doing myself any favors by starving at the end of the night.  I take it with a grain of sand and it is just more to keep me accountable :D which is the main thing.

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In other news, I have been steadily attending my Pilates at a minimum of 3 hours a week at the moment and I am noticing a huge difference in the tightness and flexibility of my muscles which is awesome.  I find that Pilates is incredibly challenging for me because it is way more focused than "gym work" and while I am not saying that weight lifting is horrid (I still do it) but I do it with more precision, control, and focus than I did before, thus making me feel it a lot more and reaping the benefits properly.

My one Pilates workshop is coming to an end next week, but I wanted to fill you in on all the fun stuff that we have been learning about.  In addition to the Pilates workouts, we spend about 15-20 minutes talking about the benefits of different types of foods that help aid in the overall health of our bodies.

This week we have been talking about the importance of probiotics in our daily diet and how we can add more into our bodies via natural routes instead of just the pill form and yogurt.  In fact, Heather was so lovely that she decided to bring us some homemade Kefir to try.  It tasted....neat.  For those you that are not sure what Kefir is, it is essentially the brine of fermented Kefir grains and is a super important probiotic (that is easy to make) and helps maintain our gut health and ensure a proper digestive tract.   While the taste of it will probably take some getting used to, I can see the importance of introducing it into my daily life (or at least weekly!).  I have also heard and read a lot about kombucha, but have yet to give that a go.  I have read that its properties are quite amazing as well!  

Anyhow, you should check out Heather's Facebook page  for some cool information, guidelines and motivation.  I am kind of sad that our course is coming to an end next week, but perhaps she will start another one!  In the meantime, it has been fun talking with somebody who is as passionate about the exciting world of holistic health practices! 
Lastly, in my efforts to curb my sweet tooth these past few days (thanks, PMS), I made a batch of relatively healthy cookies that are flourless, sugarless, and VERY delicious.  I have included the recipe below here for you!

Things you can look forward to from me in the future: trying out some new activities (I have 3 currently lined up....2 of which you probably didn't even know existed in Winnipeg ;) ), more delicious recipes, and soon....a BALLET RECITAL!!!  

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