Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Following Image Has Got Me Thinking...

And my dumb ass fell for it! LoL > That would imply those of us on Pinterest are actually *doing* any of those things.  I mean, ya know, sweating through the five hour workouts alternating with doing all that laundry and baking everything in sight.  Erm, no.  Just lots of great imagination, just like all those amazing mosaic showers, okay?
Conspiracy or not, this is my life this week (and hopefully forever).   I literally have been cooking, cleaning and working out.  I think it is all combined and linked to each other.  Once I made the decision to get my ass in gear, everything else fell into place.  I made a picture to illustrate the relationship between all the things that I have been doing:

So there you have it!  The vicious (and beautiful!) cycle of my life this week! Hahaha!  It is a much better healthier scenario than what I had going on before:

My goal, though is to find a good balance between the two of these, because I love both of these, but today was the first time I picked up my camera in the last 3 days and it made me a bit sad. Haha!  So here is my ideal, balanced, life:

Despite the fact that I am a Libra (and in many ways I definitely am a stereotypical Libra) balance is never my strong suit.  If I like something I want to do it all the time and other things fall to the wayside.  But now, I think I want this to change.  I don't want to fall out of love with photography simply because I did it 24/7....I don't want to get fatter because I cannot peel myself away from Facebook (stupidest thing ever), I don't want to injure myself by working out every day for the next 3 months straight and then give it up for the next 5 years again, I am tired of having to retire all the things I love because I do it so much that I get sick of it.  So.  My new plan is to *gasp!* have a schedule hahaha!  Limit, limit, limit...of course, somedays won't be this way as in normal life, but overall I want my life to achieve a more balanced state.

Now, onto things other than my wacky life and horrible drawings.  I have been cooking and boy, have I been cooking.  I have learned how to blanche things (after googling what the hell blanching meant), how to add the oddest ingredients to achieve a splendid, amazing taste, and it has been a lot of fun.  Today I whipped up crab cakes for lunch from The LooneySpoons cookbook and if you don't have it, please do yourself a favour and get this book.  I love it, not just for the recipes, but also the punny recipe names (Darth Tater, Celine Dijon, Teriwacky, etc.)  It is full of pictures (a big plus in my books), great tidbits of info, and colorful cartoons to make the recipe reading process a lot more enjoyable.

In addition to the crab cakes, I also made these amazing breakfast bars from the book.  They have chocolate chips! YAY!  But also, the recipe made 16 bars so I am set for awhile!

For supper, I whipped up an amazing spiced chickpea salad with curried chicken breasts and these came from another amazing cookbook that I found at Superstore called  Fresh and Light by Donna Hay.  It was from this book that I also got the recipe for my whole wheat pizza crust and for last night's supper of Carmalized Pumpkin and Pearl Barley Salad with a side of Honey glazed chicken.  Both were amazing, but both were the types of recipes that made me question them the whole way through because of the ingredients that they put together didn't seem like they would make sense, but tasted like it came straight from a restaurant!  Amazing.  Just like in photography, the smallest details make all the difference in a recipe!

As for the working out, I appreciate the ability of the body to quickly go back to where it used to be.  You have heard the term "muscle memory" I am sure and it definitely does seem to be a thing, because even though I have only been at the gym for 3 days, my muscles seem to be almost thanking me for the opportunity to get used again!  I think what finally pushed me to get going was the fact that someday I won't be able to walk as easy or  run or jump, so why am I wasting good years of having this amazing thing called a body and letting it do nothing.  It is literally like having a husky dog and making it stay inside a kennel all day.  It's cruel.  The body was designed to move, to reach, to jump, to walk, to run, to climb, etc.  At the moment, my body can just barely do those things without giving me a little cry of pain...and while it's a good pain, its not a pain that a 30 year old should be feeling after running on a treadmill for less than 10 minutes.
I will continue to do this.  I will continue to work until I see what I want to see and feel what I want to feel.  I want to have energy.  I want to learn.  I want to grow (not outwards :P)  I want to be healthy.  I want to play sports.  I want to climb a volcano without wheezing like a geriatric.  I want to stop making excuses.  
Date: Nov 6, 2013!
Current weight: 239
Goal for the day: gym! (owned it!)
What is your plan for food today? 
                                                      cottage cheese with walnuts and cinnamon
                                                      breakfast bar
                                                      carmalized pumpkin and pearl barley salad with a side of chicken

Planned water intake: 108 oz (5 water bottles full)


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