Tuesday, November 12, 2013

And the results are in!

I had my meeting with my naturopath today and it was both educational and expensive.  I am not going to lie...going the natural route is a lot more spendy than otherwise, but if you are lucky to have benefits it is not so bad! 

In regards to the actual test results we went over a number of different things and discussed the results from the saliva tests, my glucometer test, and I had a bioimpedance analysis (BIA).  So let's start with the saliva test.

First off, as soon as I sat down the Dr. said "What I received from the lab was something I have never seen before....nor have any of the doctors in the office...."  So, I do believe my cortisol (stress) hormones peaked slightly at this news but I fake smiled and nodded and urged her to continue.  "You have to redo the test because they found blood in the saliva samples."  I was a bit confused at this, not because of the blood, my gums bleed a bit every now and then but because there had been a spot on the paper that said to circle if I had gingivitis and I did this.  I assumed they adjusted something if people had this problem.  Not so the case.  So I get to spend another month taking my saliva tests AFTER I clear up the gingivitis.  Dang it.  The good news is that they don't charge me for it until it gets processed correctly.  But seriously, leave it to me to be the first one to screw up the test. BAHAHA!

One of the tests (the one testing my male hormones) came back 75% accurate and Dr. Sara said that it came back relatively normal, but we cannot be sure because the most important test was unreadable do to the above problem.  Awesome.  So I get to redo that one as well.  What we could tell from that particular test though, is that my body experiences poor insulin release (shocking, I know) as a result of abnormal cortisol release in the middle of the day.  If you are not aware of what cortisol is, it is the beautiful hormone secreted when you stress or when your body is stressed.  It literally will control every other hormone released in the body, whether it inhibits it or causes more.  Either way it is the devil.  We are not sure what is causing this stress hormone in the middle of the day because my overall lifestyle is generally not stressful, but if my body is fighting an internal infection (resulting in gingivitis as well....all these things are signs of inflammation somewhere) then it will create this lovely hormone.  It also happens during the night after midnight, so I have to start sleeping earlier than 1am on a more consistent basis. 

In order to fix the gingivitis issue (so I can retake my hormone test) I have to totally up my Vitamin C (apparently I am 1 step away from scurvy...).  Yippee!  To clean out my internal inflammation I have to take this lovely Berberis formula as well as Unda Drops which are homeopathic remedies for the liver.  The liver is the filter of the body so if there is an inflammation, it is commonly in the liver.  These drops help promote healthy, liver, pancreas, and digestive function.

Lastly, to help with my lady problems of extreme cramping, mood swings, etc.  I will be participating in MNS-Gen which is a combination of raspberry, rosemary, and black currant.  I have yet to smell any of these things that I will be taking, but let me tell you, if it means I have a less painful TOM that'd be stellar.

So, prior to speaking with my doctor, I had my BIA which was pretty interesting.  They hooked up these little electrode-y things to me, sent a quick and painless current through my body and then printed out the results.  Here they are:

                                                                (this is the reference guide)

But what does it all mean, right?  Basically, the part we cared about the most was Lean Body Mass vs. Fat Mass, Basal Metabolic Rate, and my total weight haha.  I learned that, for a woman, I have a very high Lean Body Mass number and I attribute that to my old bodybuilding body.  It also helps to offset the fact that I have 38% fat mass #sadface.  However, at least now that I know where I am starting I can get an ideal % to get to.  I talked to the doctor administering the test and she and I decided that if I lose 50lbs that would be optimal for my health.  I appreciate going to a doctor that is not telling me to follow the BMI chart because there is no way in hell that my body would ever get to 160lbs and be healthy and sustainable...not with a lean body mass of 61% (hopefully getting higher!!!)  Lastly, I have to take in 2094 calories a day just resting, so my lack of weight loss recently will have more to do with the fact that I am not eating ENOUGH during the day to offset my exercise. 

I think that is the biggest myth that is imprinted in our brains....that we need to do less of everything in order to achieve or goals, but in fact we need to do MORE of all the things to achieve those goals!  Just more of the right things.

Perfect Exercise Plan

So yes, this is a ton of information and when I came home I was spinning from all the info.  But we are on the right track to healing all the things and making my body the temple it deserves to be!   I love learning about the amazing way our bodies try to keep up, but today I was fortunate to find a book specifically on PCOS which would totally help me understand a lot more about the hormonal production.

I've got some reading to get to and it will be absolutely perfect for our cruise!  Nothing says relaxing like The Ultimate PCOS Handbook.  So yes, to break it all down, the plan of attack is as follows:
*exercise more to control cortisol and gain more lean body mass
*sleep more (before midnight)
*avoid sweets at all costs
*take my supplements regularly
*up the vitamin C
*drink more and more water
*educate myself!

Date: Nov 12, 2013!
Current weight: 241
Goal for the day: nada
What is your plan for food today? 
                                                   breakfast bar
                                                   oatmeal, almond butter, protein powder
                                                  sweet potato chips and hummus
                                                  cheeseburger "pizza"

Planned water intake: 108 oz (5 water bottles full)


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