Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How to Travel and Lose Weight

 Step 1: Make sure that you have connecting flights really close to each other and you will be guaranteed to lose anywhere from 25-50lbs of luggage.  The unfortunate (fortunate?) thing is that you do gain it back the following day.

Just kidding, but to be honest that is the note that our trip started off on!  If you aren't aware, Ryan and I both are hanging out in San Diego at the moment, waiting to board our cruise ship on Friday.  So, while we have only been here 2 1/2 days, I have already been crazily tempted to have lots of bread type items (sandwiches, burgers, toast, etc.)  However, I have been doing good thus far and even better, I have made it a point to do exercise in the morning while I wait for Ryan to wake up.  Yesterday (due to the time difference) I was up at the God awful hour of 6:30 AM and wide awake, so I headed down to the hotel gym which was small, but sufficient.  I did cardio work on the bike and treadmill for a combined 40 minutes then a light upper body workout before heading back upstairs to wake up Ryan.  This morning, I headed outside because it is soooo beautiful out and walked around for about an hour.

We are located right downtown in San Diego and right near the waterfront so there is certainly a lot to look for.  I, of course, took my camera as it makes walking so much more fun haha!  In addition to my morning workout/walks, we have also been walking around town a lot just checking out the sights thus far.  
We were supposed to head to the San Diego Safari Park, but when Ryan advised me of the price I said "hell no!" hahah!  So we settled for the San Diego Zoo....and while normally I am against a lot of "captivity" type locations, I heard that this zoo was home to a lot of extinct animals that the only ones left in the whole world could be seen, I gave in and it was pretty amazing.  I didn't take any photos of the animals with my phone, but I will update later once I get Lightroom and Photoshop installed on this computer.  In the meantime, here is a picture of myself and Ryan at the zoo today!

I truly love it here and I think Ryan and I may have to take a trip back just to enjoy California at some point in the future.  (Perhaps I am a bit biased for this state due to my infatuation with 90210 lately....)
Anyhow, as far as eating goes, I have been careful with what I select 
 and if I have 1 meal with starch, then I try to refrain from it at other meals.  We did eat at this cool restaurant called The Counter, which allows you to build your own burger and both Ryan and I underestimated the size of 2/3lb.  Our burgers were HUGE!

They were quite delicious, but next time I would order something smaller, most certainly.  We also stumbled upon a great market which sells nothing but natural, organic food free from preservatives, antibiotics, and other crap that isn't necessary.  So naturally we picked up some sweet potato chips and hummus for the hotel room.  For drinks, I have participated in a yerba mate beverage which is reknowned for its health benefits:  antioxidant effects (great for cancer prevention and mood!), balancing blood sugar levels, improving mood, improved energy, body detoxification, etc.  When I used to body build I read a lot about people who would make Yerba Mate tea to reap these amazing benefits but at the time it was difficult to find.  This store had copious amounts of it...and it was quite delicious I must say!  They had all sorts of nifty health beverages.  So if you are ever near a store called Jimbo's....Naturally!  that is the store you will want to visit to maintain your health whilst traveling!

Tomorrow will be another day of walking, photographing and adventuring as Ryan and I head back to Balboa park to take in the Art Museum and Rose Garden (self portrait time!!! It is amazing)  Next time, I will bring a model with me because this place is gorgeous!!  As well, I am going to head to the mall to pick up some outfits for photo shoots when I get home because clothes are stupidly cheap here, but beautiful for photo shoots!  I may have also scouted out a thrift store to visit tomorrow haha!  These things will occur before Ryan wakes up.  So far the trip is going good, I am making sure to workout at least a bit every day in addition to the standard trip walking and I am making 80% healthy choices when we eat!  (There was a cookie incident where they were selling 4 for $4.....)

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