Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So This Hot Guy Was Checking Me Out At the Gym....

...turns out he just wanted to use my machine.  Just kidding.  There was no hot guy.  But I WAS at the gym!  YAY!  I went 2 days in a row thus far and feel fantastic! Not only have I gone to the gym, but I have also gotten up early to do so because nobody is at the gym that early.  I also make it a point to make sure I do not even sit in front of the computer before heading out because I know I will waste way too much time on Facebook and then just put off going.

It's funny but true what they say.  Once you get to the gym you will not regret it.  I knew this, but it was just getting to the gym that seemed so difficult, but it really isn't haha! I drove by it how many times but made a plethora of excuses as to why I couldn't go...too busy, the gym is too busy, I forgot my shoes, I don't have the right pants, I need to buy a new shirt first, I don't have my water bottle, etc.  Just stupid. 

See, I did go on the treadmill!  Haha!  People were probably confused as to why I was taking pictures of the screen of the treadmill haha!
Also, yesterday I ate relatively good: oatmeal and protein powder for breakfast,  homemade flat breads with tomatoes and fresh basil, and then went to Steph's house for dinner and boardgames where her and Phil whipped up a deliciously healthy dinner.

After I finish this post, I will be heading out to get groceries.  I am reading an amazingly awesome food book and it gets me excited about all the amazing properties that certain food items have!  I am going to head to the health food store to get some of the cool items I have been reading about and will post about them on the blog here as I go through them!  So with that, I am going to head out! 

Date: Nov 5, 2013!
Current weight: 239
Goal for the day: gym! (owned it!)
What is your plan for food today? 
                                                      oatmeal, pb, and protein powder
                                                      chickpea salad
                                                      carmalized pumpkin and pearl barley salad
Planned water intake: 108 oz (5 water bottles full)

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