Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Let's Give Thanks...

...for stretchy pants.  Like most Canadians, this weekend was filled with the 3 F-words: fun, family, and food.  'Twas that joyful occasion of Thanksgiving and to be honest, I feel it is actually more dangerous than Christmas.  It is 2 days of non-stop eating and traveling from home to home, giving thanks for all the amazing, beautiful things in our lives, whereas Christmas is pretty spread out over the month of December.

I did pretty good this weekend, however, despite the large piles of food set in front of me.  Did I enjoy some pumpkin pie? You bet I did.  Did I participate in a heaping spoonful of mashed potatoes?  Yessum, I did.  Did I consume lots of water and avoid super large portions? On most occasions, yes.

The funny thing about holidays is that we always wait for them to be over before we decide to embark on a healthy eating journey.  The thing is, there is always another one around the corner.  Walk into any Dollarama or Walmart the day after a holiday and you will be seeing the evidence of the next upcoming one.  You cannot wait until "the perfect time" because it will never happen.  If you don't learn to cope through these joyous occasions during your journey, it will never work in the real life.  For me, I was cautious to limit my breads, my starches (potatoes and perogies) and my sauces.  I loaded up on salads, protein, tea, water, and enjoyed smaller portions of the not so healthy items.  I also didn't deny myself anything because I would have been frustrated watching everyone else chow down on some delicious pumpkin pie.

In addition to delicious Thanksgiving suppers, my sister bought me a Juicing book for my birthday and I am super pumped about it.  Not only does it have beautiful pictures in it (which I like!!) but SO many different combinations that I never thought would exist.  My goal (when I get back from BC next week) will be to participate in a new juice every day!

Due to the groceries I had in the house yesterday I enjoyed the pear-carrot-apple juice!  It was quite delightful!
This morning, I whipped up some scrambled egg wraps for myself and Ryan which consisted of eggs, egg whites, salsa, lettuce and a small bit of mayo.  Quite delicious if I do say so myself!

My first round of hormone testing is almost done then I can send those in to the lab to get processed and find out more.  I am quite excited to be done spitting into a vial every 2 days or so.  I have to do one over the course of a whole day and I have to start no later than 8am :( ugh.  And have no coffee. Double ugh.
Once I am done those tests all that is left is an ultrasound and blood test.  Then I go back to the naturopath the first week of November to go over all of the results.  As for right now, I am signing off to go get my hairs cut and eyebrows waxed....thank God, I feel kind of like a bush baby these days:

Date: October 15, 2013!
Current weight: 237
Goal for the day: go for a walk and PACK!!
What is your plan for food today? 
egg wrap, protein bar, chicken for supper, salad for supper, use up ALL the groceries before our trip tomorrow
Planned water intake: 108 oz (5 water bottles full)

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