Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 48: Told you I'd be back!

G'day! I was reluctant to write tonight because I have so much to do before tomorrow morning, but alas, I told myself I would so I will.  Today was actually quite phenomenal, starting off with a great photo shoot this morning with Vicky Dee.  As well, I made sure to drink at least 1 bottle of water before my morning coffee.  Your body is at it's most toxic when you wake up so no need to add more acid to it, I cleansed it first, then fulfilled my caffeine needs.  Also, today I was feeling very fall-esque with this lovely orange polyester number I found at the thrift store and decided to take a picture of me beside my car, because we match!

After my photo shoot with the lovely Vicky, I headed home for some lunch (hard-boiled eggs and toast with pb/jam) and downed another 2 bottles of water.  Then it came time to head downtown to pick up new ballet tights, my prints, and hang around sneaking a parking spot near the Crocus building before my ballet class.

Ooh! Also for the first time I tried a skinny vanilla latte (I parked at the Starbucks parking lot so I could go to Shoppers to mail some parcels, but the ticket people were hanging about so I had to make it look like I was buying something from Starbucks.)  It wasn't too bad, actually.  I still prefer my coffee black I think.  Afterwards, I still had some time to kill before ballet so I headed to Gorilla Jack's to get some Katy's Kookies for the trip tomorrow and to grab some more protein.  The guy that helped me was extremely helpful when I told him my goals which I definitely appreciated.  He pointed out the pros and cons of certain protein powders which I definitely appreciated.  He deserved his commission (if he makes any...if not, maybe I will tip him next time.)

Date: October 3, 2013!
Current weight: 239
Goal for the day: ballet class
What is your plan for food today? 
breakfast: Eggs
lunch: toast and jam/pb
Supper: katy's kookie bar
Planned water intake: 108 oz (5 water bottles full)

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