Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Countdown is On!

The holi-DAY is almost here and that means that it is also almost gone!  Not that I don't love the never ending loop of Christmas carols, insane-drivers, jam-packed stores full of people hating the holidays, and the obligatory feeling of needing to pay for presents, even though the radio commercials remind you to "remember the true spirit of Christmas" 1 second before they blare their sales pitch. Yes, yes, that sounded oddly Grinchy of me, but let's be honest, by this point (and by this point I am referring to the fact that you are contemplating eat the "food" in the margarine container found in the back corner of your freezer just so you don't have to go to the store to get groceries) we are all ready for the holidays to be done.

haha oh man..ouch.
(I just saw this on Facebook and thought it was funny....)

There are plus sides to working for myself.  For example, I am not invited to countless Christmas parties to stuff my face full of delicious pastry-type foods and fill my soul with copious amounts of red wine.  But there are also downsides, and that is that I am not invited to countless Christmas parties to stuff my face full of delicious pastry-type foods and fill my soul with copious amounts of red wine. Sometimes I want to dress up in sparkly outfits and go out to parties like all of my friends who work for companies, but then that feeling swiftly goes away when I imagine wearing owl pjs and tank top sans bra.  On the other hand, I think it is funny that I sometimes will dress up and sit at my computer to edit photos.  The look I get from Ryan is worth it all.

But I cannot say I have been eating as best as I could the last few days.  I have been sneaking cookies and chocolates (they are literally the print shop, at the bank, at my mom's, at my sister's, at my friend's house) and I have not been preparing actual meals.  To make matters worse, after Christmas I will be zipping off again.  This time to Kindersley, SK, then to Regina, SK, then to Seattle! 

Tonight we gathered at Mom's for Sunday night supper, but today was what I call party platter.  Basically 3 tables full of munchies, appetizers, dips, and desserts.  Essentially, death to my intestinal tract and weight loss efforts.  I must say, though, today I was cautious, listened to my stomach, and had only water with lemon to drink.  I went home satisfied but not stuffed and that felt good.  Whenever I feel crappy about where I am at, I always think about where I was and how would I have behaved before changing my lifestyle?  Sure, I ate a cookie...but that is better than the 5 cookies I previously would have indulged in.  I think a lot of times we are way too hard on ourselves and that is a perfect example.  When you have a negative thought...stop, think back, and appreciate where you have come from.  Instead of focusing on the fact that I cannot fit into a size 10, maybe focus on that I am no longer in a size 18....etc.

 Last night, I also made these awesome apple chips.  It was a recipe I found on Pinterest (shocking, right??) They are extremely easy to make and absolutely delicious to eat. 

Here is the recipe:

 Other fun things, I finally took my measurements.  I had the tape measure out for the clothes so I finally got it done.  Here are my current measurements as of today:

bust 47"
back 41.5"
waist 40"(I have a higher waist than most, so I also took the measurement around my...)
bellybutton 47"
hips 48"
bicep 14"
thigh 28"
calf 20"
wrist 7"
ankle 10.5"

Lastly, I found something in my desk while I was moving it around, and it was this little quote that I had come across in a magazine when I was in about grade 6 and I had cut it out, "laminated" it with tape and kept it ever since and it is a quote that has shaped my life and the way I live it.  I love the fact that I still have it! 

On that note, I can tell you there will probably be a Christmas post either Christmas day or the day after, but in the meantime, I wish everyone a happy holiday, and please, for the love of God, do not yell at people or get stressed out.  Stay home, wear your jammies, and enjoy your friends and family!  Lots of love <3


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