Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hey, Good Lookin'!

So, New Year (soon!) New Look!  I have redone my blog to make it a)more visually appealing (to me, anyhow) and b)more friendly to all of you!  The recipes will be organized into a main location, I have a space to fill you in on all my little confessions, there will be pictures to showcase my transition, and there is my Quick-spiration page which will be filled with images and inspirational/motivational quotes to keep you going!

In addition to these way the blog looks, I will also be bringing you weekly items so that way you can pop in whenever you want!  Here are the following (current) guidelines for the blog:

Mantra Monday: I will be providing you with a new mantra to help improve self esteem, confidence, and bring a smile to your day. 

Tasty Thursday: New recipes to help you achieve your goals or just get you eating cleaner, healthier, and more delicious food alongside me.  As well, I look forward to getting recipes from all of you guys as I am not much of a culinary artist, those of you that like to dabble and create things, send forth your delicious recipes!  I know there are a few of you out there who love to cook, so help me out and get your recipes featured!

In addition to that, eventually I will be proposing challenges for you guys to do alongside me and some more fun stuff like that.  I don't want to overwhelm myself, but I figured I should probably start organizing things a bit better.  Both for myself and for you guys!

Anyhow, I want to tell you about the amazing smoothie I made for lunch today!!  I had gotten a can of coconut water in my stocking and wanted to use up the groceries we had in the fridge before we leave tomorrow, so it turned out quite deliciously!  It also ended up being the exact same color as the view from my window today!  Check out the recipe here! (It will also be available in the recipes section :P)

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