Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Farm Food = F***

So, whenever I go to the farm it is like the homing beacon of comfort.  Essentially, when it is winter, my body reacts how it always has since I was a little kid.  Stay inside, nap a lot, eat a lot, and nap some more.  Needless to say, this is not ideal for my goals of staying fit and healthy and I would love to say that I made some drastic changes this time around, but alas, I have not.  I did, in fact, fall into the ol' farm trap.  I have eaten more dainties (not so dainty when your stomach aches), licorice, and beef jerky than is necessary for a three day stint.  I have been keeping up with the water intake, but I have also been staying up late, sleeping in, and only going outside for 15 to 30 minutes a day for fresh air.

However, from eating the licorice I learned something pretty nifty.  I was laughing because on the back of the Nibs bag it says "Make sure you read the label every time."

To me, that seemed odd and I mentioned it to my brother and he advised me that the reason that this happens is because manufacturers will sometimes change their ingredients based on what is cheaper.  I had no idea this was a thing that would happen, but apparently it did happen and a parent had bought a treat that did NOT contain sunflower oil (or something like that) and thus assumed that the following packages would contain the same ingredients.  Not so the case.  The poor kid ingested the treat and got extremely sick because of his allergies.  It was the same package, but not the exact same product.  The good news is that they do have to list the ingredients when they do change, but let's be honest....if you found something that didn't have an allergen in it, wouldn't you assume that going forward it would be the same?  I would think so, but apparently you have to be even more diligent about label watching.  That's my tidbit for the day ;)

In other news, I got home tonight and unfortunately binged my face off on Chicago-Mix and pistachios.  Ryan didn't do a good enough job of hiding them hahaha!

I am going to be a good girl henceforth.  Green tea tonight, a lovely juicing situation for dinner, and LOTS of water followed by gymming it tomorrow!  Yay!

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