Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spring into Summer Detox!

G'day my friends!  Since my last post about my cookie binge, I am not very proud to say that I have consumed even more and even worse things since then.  This past weekend I held my first Photography Camp and of course, we ate "camp" food.  While the main meals consisted of relatively good stuff (chili made with turkey or ground round), homemade soup from 2 Broke Gals Soup Company, bacon, eggs, and toast, etc.  It was the mindless snacking in between, at night, and there may have been a wee bit of alcohol involved.

That being said, however, we walked A LOT, and I definitely noticed that when you do not fuel your body with the right stuff, your workouts become a thousand times more difficult.  I was essentially outside all day for 2.5 days which was awesome!! We had great weather, we got to be consistently creative, and we found out more about each other as artists (which is always fun!)

When I came home, however, I had EXTREME bloating in my extreme.  At first I thought it was a result of all the walking I had been doing, but it literally lasted 2 full days and that's when I realized something wasn't quite right.  Around that time, I had received an email from Heather (my friend and holistic health coach that I wrote about before) offering a Spring detox and I signed up!

So, to get myself on track and the undo what I did to myself on the weekend, I am taking the plunge into the detox to feel a bit better.  My favorite thing about this detox (after reading the welcome packet) is that it's a detox for EVERYTHING...there is meditation, vision boards to be made, affirmations to say, body care, and of course healthy eating.

I will be using this platform as a journal, as one of the requirements of the detox is to write down the recipes, how I feel, etc. (similar to what I used to do when I started this blog).  I also want to emphasize that this detox is not to lose weight, but rather to get my body in the right state to take on my busy summer!!

Today is my shopping day for all the delicious items on the list and the end of this detox will be when I head out for my trip to Seattle/BC and I am so excited that I will have these habits in place and the fresh mindset to keep me going while I am out there!

Oh! And if you want to get in on this action, contact Heather over on Facebook or send an email to: and score yourself 25% off because you are reading my blog <3!!!

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